Since 2013, Stock Trading Academy’s primary focus has always been and continues to be our students. 

When we developed our original trading course, it was aimed solely at industry professionals with the goal of becoming proprietary traders. In the wake of its success we decided it was time to give others the opportunity to learn from us too. So we developed the Stock Trading Bootcamp.

The management team at STA collectively brings with them over 125 years of experience in the Capital Markets. From the floors or the Montreal Stock Exchange to building new business, our experienced team has led initiatives for multiple brokerage or technology firms across 3 continents. 

How do we measure success? By empowering the public and giving our students the knowledge to make informed decisions when approaching financial markets, management of their own investments or even when speaking with a financial advisor. 


  • Brendan Magill

    Brendan Magill

  • James Wiseman

    James Wiseman

  • Anwar Rahal

    Anwar Rahal


  • Dr. Liam Cheung, CFA, ASA, PhD

    Dr. Liam Cheung, CFA, ASA, PhD

  • Rick Ness

    Rick Ness

  • Stephen  Wiseman

    Stephen Wiseman