About Us

Stock Trading Academy is an online learning platform focused on delivering superior stock trading education. 

Our story

We were founded in 2013 by three seasoned investment professionals. Their initial goal was to transform everyday individuals into proprietary traders through high impact mentorship. 

In the wake of our program’s success, we expanded our team and designed a comprehensive online course called the Stock Trading Bootcamp in order to make our knowledge universally accessible. 

With our Stock Trading Bootcamp, our goal continues to be to teach our students how to make informed decisions when approaching financial markets and avoid making the mistakes made by novice investors. 

Our company’s management team and operations are headquartered in Montreal, Canada but our instructors, all professional traders, have extensive experience with global markets.

Our team

With a combined more than 125 years' of experience in the capital markets, we offer both the breadth and depth of understanding and experience of trading.

Meet Your Instructors

Your instructors are financial professionals with a combined over 40 years of experience in the capital markets.

  • Brendan Magill

    Brendan Magill

  • James Wiseman

    James Wiseman

  • Anwar Rahal

    Anwar Rahal

Meet Our Founders

The founders of Stock Trading Academy collectively bring over 100 years of experience in finance.

  • Dr. Liam Cheung, CFA, ASA, PhD

    Dr. Liam Cheung, CFA, ASA, PhD

  • Rick Ness

    Rick Ness

  • Stephen  Wiseman

    Stephen Wiseman