General questions

  • What is Stock Trading Academy?

    Stock Trading Academy is online stock trading education provider. We

  • Why Stock Trading Academy?

    We originally designed the Stock Trading Bootcamp with the intention of developing Proprietary Traders. This meant that we trained beginners in finance and gave them the ability to become full time traders at any Proprietary Trading Firm. Due to the success of this course, we decided to revise the outline and offer the course to the general public.

  • What is Stock Trading Academy's goal?

    At Stock Trading Academy, we want to educate the public on trading in the stock market. Success to us will be average Joe making educated decisions on investments or deciding to trade for themselves. We are not selling a secret formula to making outrageous amounts of money per day, we are selling the knowledge for you to make informed decisions when approaching the market, or speaking with your financial advisor.

  • What is Stock Trading Academy's Management team experience?

    The Management Team at Stock Trading Academy have over 125 combined Years experience in the Capital Markets. This experience includes everything from trading in the pits of a stock exchange, building new businesses, and initiatives for multiple brokerage or technologies firms in the US, Canada, UK and Asia.

  • What is the recommended background to take your course?

    No prior experience is required.

  • Which trading tools are used, aside from a trading platform, to analyze equity stocks?

    The internet is full of trading tools to look for trading opportunities: Charting platforms such as Tradingview or FreeStockCharts to understand the long term trend. Always useful to be on the side of the greater schemes of things. EDGAR/SEDAR. Filings are important. For instance, if an 8-k filing, which is an unscheduled material change in the business, comes out, it might change the current trend of this specific stock or provoke a smaller countertrend. Excel. It is possible to link the trading platform we use at our firm to excel and make some pretty interesting things with some VBA code. While news services are still important, trading tools and microblogging are becoming more and more important as news delivery vehicles.

  • What equipment is required to Trade?

    The main equipment you require to trade is basic computer, and high speed internet. That is sufficient to support anyone who is looking to do some personal trading on the side. If you plan to trade full time, then it is recommended that you have a strong fast computer, 2 x high resolution monitors, high quality video card, fast internet. As you become more accustomed, you might want to increase the number of screens and add memory and video cards. Those who trade full time, can have up to 10 screens. They believe that with the additional or screens they can watch more. In the end its best to start small, low cost and upgrade as you need.

  • When does the course start and finish?

    The course is Self-Paced, meaning that the speed at which you move through the course is 100% up to you. You personally will direct the speed. It is our recommendation that you due one module per week,

Course-specific questions

  • What's included in the Stock Trading Bootcamp?

    Upon purchase of the Stock Trading Bootcamp, you will receive access to 7 course modules. Each module consists of between 6 and 8 smaller video lessons and runs on average for 60 minutes. Your knowledge will be tested by a 10 question quiz at the end of each module. The course finishes with a 50 question final exam.

    In total, you will have access to more than 7 hours of video content, 48 individual videos, and 10 supplemental readings.

  • Are certificates given upon course completion?

    Students who achieve 80% in the final assessment will receive a Certificate of Completion. An Honors Certificate will be given to students who obtain a final course mark of 95% or higher.

  • How much does the course cost? How can I pay?

    The course is originally priced at $1,000 but for an undetermined period of time you can benefit from a 75% discount. For only $250 you will receive access to ALL course materials.

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal. Payments are 100% secure. We do not accept transfers or mailed checks.